‘Capitán’ stool exhibits minimalism via its functional design

capitan stool

Minimalism meets classiness – this in a nutshell defines the essence of the pictured stool by architect Maurice Padovani. Christened as the ‘Capitán’, this furniture item was a part of the renovation of the famous ‘Al Dente’ restaurant’s branch in Marseilles.

Form wise, the stool exhibits an ‘avant garde’ design that remarkably complements its perceived functionality.

In this regard, the structure of the stool is both stylish and practical at the same time. This fusion of design language is exemplified by the projecting ‘horns’ arranged on either side of the stool’s top section.

These hooks can be used for hanging the user’s jacket and satchel, thus keeping them safe within the reach of the person (when he/she is seated). On the other hand, the seat is also split into two separate components.

This break in the top facade alludes to the notion of minimalism, which in itself entails the exhibition of the ‘true nature’ of a conception by eliminating all non-essential components.

All images are courtesy of Paul Ladouce.

Via: ArchiDesignClub

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