Butler Mountain Lodge Drum Coffee Table Blends Design With Exclusivity

Butler Mountain Lodge Drum Table_1

Modern homeowners have a distinctive penchant for furniture pieces that could allow a new dimension or a fresher appeal to their décor. Aimed at helping such décor-conscious homeowners, the Butler Mountain Lodge Drum Coffee Table combines the essence of a coffee table with a unique piece of décor in a subtle yet effective way. Made from reprocessed pinewood, this table is elegantly designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

The coffee table is two tiers, wherein the pinewood top has a wax finish and the base is made from heavy metal. The Mountain Lodge Drum coffee table is also available in a rustic gray finish. Although the top of the table appears like a drum, but it is not meant for playing as most of you may confuse it be one.

The rustic styled coffee table weighs 39.5lbs and the overall dimensions are 20.25″ x 42″ x 42″, height, width and depth respectively. Natural material have been used and shades of browns, blacks, tans and whites is given to provide a rustic look to the table, which further makes it different from ordinary coffee tables you would find in furniture stores.

Two people found Butler Specialty Company in 1930. A Chicago based family owned company, Butler has been moving from strength to strength to attest itself as a leader in its specific market segment. Now managed by the second and third generations, the company is focused on delivering quality furniture. The company was formed during the great depression era and since then, it managed to survive and flourish because of the innovative designs and good material selection in their line of products.

The Mountain Lodge Drum Coffee table comes with a 12 month limited warranty; thereby, becoming a perfect choice for people who prefer making safe and informed purchases.

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