Cake Boss opts for state-of-the-art Christmas decorations

Cake Boss opts for state-of-the-art Christmas decorations

Cake Boss opts for state-of-the-art Christmas decorations

It is not really a new fad when rich celebrities go for the high-tech refurbishment of their palatial houses. However, every time some elements of such grandiose refurnishing schemes manage to baffle us home enthusiasts. Of course, it has more to do with the mind-numbing, advanced technologies developed by the companies rather than just the glitzy ‘celebrity quotient’. In this regard, we have finally come across the state-of-the-art Christmas decorations of the 9000 sq ft home of baker-extraordinaire (and reality show star) ‘Cake Boss‘ Buddy Valastro.

The celebrity baker’s refurnishing story started out back in 2011, when he had the ultimate home entertainment system installed in his home in the form of ELAN g!. We call it ultimate because of the fact that this $97,000 system exhibits that rare collective scope of home based technology. This remarkable scope integrates high end audio-visual components like 42 ELAN Elios speakers catering to 17 separate zones, automated lighting controls including 68 light switches, interior climate regulation features with a four-zone HVAC system and even advanced home security attributes comprising of a whopping 24 cameras. The interface for controlling such a variety of unique devices was achieved by the apps of iOS (via iPads and iPhones), along with wall-mounted touch panels.

Now, fast forwarding to December of this year, the Valastro family found out new ways to extend the functionality of the aforementioned ELAN g!. Fortunately for the Christmas spirited, this new found function is related to the occasion, as the g! system has the added capacity to handle multiple arrays of exterior lighting decorations. So, without further ado, Valastro brought in the same experts to install the whole festive paraphernalia of outlets, modules and lights.

The fascinating result incorporated heavy duty 2,400-watt switches and 24 modules connected to appropriate outlets, all being electrically linked to the boisterous Elan g! system. However, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the whole set up is the fully automated scope of this voluminous lighting. This simply means that these multiple light strands can be activated on and off precisely when the house residents want them to. Moreover, the family members can schedule the lighting effects in their own preferred manner via Apple devices, remote controls and touch panels. This adds that personalized touch to the system, thus improving upon the sheer degree of user convenience.

Exterior decoration with multiple lighting arrays

Panel for Control Interface

Remote from Elan

iPad control interface

Interior Decoration

Via: ElectronicHouse

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