Casper’s advanced memory foam mattress backed by $1.9 million in funding!

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Re-engineered – the very phrase might hint at technically advanced conceptions; but unfortunately in reality, the term has often been used for publicity gimmicks. So, should we really get on board with start-up Casper’s ‘re-engineered’ mattress design? Well, the the answer to that would push on the affirmative scale from us. Why so? Because the scope in this case is not only about an advanced re-engineered mattress, but also entails how the delivery of this mattress (to the consumer) can be streamlined (or re-engineered) in significant ways.

In terms of sheer design and technology, the mattress utilizes a composition of both memory foam and latex foam. The use of such progressive materials can be attributed to the flurry of innovative ideas borne by designers from well-known studios like Sealy, IDEO and Muji.

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But as we mentioned before, it is not only about a cutting-edge mattress make its debut in our homes. Casper’s endeavor also relates to HOW the mattress is going make its foray into our lifestyles. For starters, the company has looked forth to reducing the confusion created by different pricing labels and types of mattresses available in a commercial store. To that end, there are only three types of uniform Casper mattresses – Twin type retails for $500, a Queen type retails for $850, and the King type costs $950.

However, the more crucial consumer-oriented step is the unique delivery mode adopted by the company. According to the creators, a single mattress can be easily folded inside the trunk of a cab to be delivered at your doorstep (with free shipping charges within continental United States).

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Moreover, there are some implications of a direct-to-consumer business model, which allows the user to try out the mattress for a period of 40 days. And, if he/she is not satisfied, the mattress can be returned to get a full refund! Now, considering that we spend around one-third of our lives in bed, it would indeed be hard to pass up on such an offer.

Of course, the ‘kind’ gesture was only possible because of a whopping $1.9 million in seed funding that Casper had successfully received from various firms. But in any case, it is high time that customers had a better experience when buying their mattresses. And quite hopefully, commercial projects like this would fulfill the satisfaction quotient beyond the bedroom.

Via: VentureBeat

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