MIZA Z modular furniture system for the music aficionados among us

MIZA Z-Based Modular System Studio Furniture from ZAOR_1

What happens when musicians, producers and other studio professionals need to tinker with their compositions even in their homes? Well, the answer must be – they buy furniture items like MIZA Z-Based Modular System. Created by Romanian design studio ZAOR, the MIZA Z is envisioned for heavy duty usage with features tailored to keeping various video and audio-oriented contraptions.

The design focus of the imposing table is defined by the spacious top that accounts for 1836 x 850 (in mm). This spatial scope is crucial when it comes to keeping those DAW controllers and connected computers. The ambit is further complemented by a substantially big pullout tray for the keyboards and peripherals like mixing consoles and smaller controllers. Of course, there would be a paraphernalia of wires emerging from such varied devices; and the good part is – they can all be housed with the help of the cable tray on the rear end.

MIZA Z-Based Modular System Studio Furniture from ZAOR_2

Now, when dabbling and listening to music, users can have different preferences. And, this is where the MIZA really shines with its various modular add-ons that give the user the much needed ‘arrange-able’ choice. For example, you can opt for a MIZA GRIPRACK (pictured above), which as the name suggests, is a rack space that can be affixed to the table top.

Similarly, given MIZA’s spatially effective attributes, there are the separate MIZA D-STANDs and (the larger) MIZA STAND MKIIs for keeping your connected monitors or speakers. These floor based stands boast of AERstop pads that can isolate the music speaker from the furniture, thus providing stability to the audio output inside the room.

Buy – €550 (around $760). For the modular add-ons, you can take a gander at the studio’s product page.

Via: SonicScoop

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