CES 2013 shows off the Kindle Chopping Board & Waterproof iPad

Kindle chopping board

Kindle chopping board

CES is getting bigger and better with every passing year, and the first day of the show saw thousands of gadget buffs, streaming down to the venue for a glimpse of some of the most enthralling technological developments, including a Kindle Chopper and the waterproof iPad.

We all seek some protection for our gadgets from the regular wear and tear, and while scratch-proof, waterproof, and weather resistance in not uncommon, we’re sure, thinking of using your Kindle Reader for hard core chopping, splicing salad leaves, cubing crisp carrot, or simply mincing fresh coriander with choppers and knives, swiftly cutting through the vegetables, without leaving a single scratch is not something you have given much thought. But, CES this year presented a super resistant anti-scratch screen guard, specially designed for the Kindle Reader.

And, even though we suspect you’ll use your precious Kindle reader as a chopping board, who knows in the future the next generation just might do the same.

Coming to the waterproof iPad- now that sounds certainly more useful. Not that you’ll need to browse the web while taking a swim, but who knows when your naughty kids might just spill a jug of water on your iPad. The market is already offering many waterproof covers for the iPad, but the iPad converted into a total waterproof entity certainly seems better.

Looking at the history of iPad technology, we’ve seen how every other year, its design becomes more sleek, and futuristic, and looking at such developments, we surely see a waterproof iPad to have a brighter future.

water-proof iPad

Via: Itv

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