Sensor based HAPIfork poses as a dieter’s delight in this year’s CES



Sometimes simple solutions can go a long way in solving pressing issues. In this regard, when a bulk of the world population is suffering from malnutrition, obesity ironically still remains one of the serious health issues faced by developed nations like USA. However, as always, technology has once again come forth to pose as the righteous savior. We are of course talking about the HAPIfork unveiled in CES 2013. Functionally, it is a sensor oriented ‘smart’ fork that would help potential dieters and obesity patients.

As we mentioned before, the working principle of the HAPIfork is pretty simple. The device has a built-in sensor which keeps track of  how fast the user is eating and how often the fork is being used for such eating purpose. So, when the user is eating too fast or gulping down more food than is necessary, the fork automatically vibrates to send a sort of a ‘friendly warning’ signal.

Moreover, the fork dutifully collects all the data pertaining to your eating habit, and sends the info directly to your smartphone or computer for further appraisal from your side. The related feature also allows the dieter to conceive a plan (based on the data of his/her eating habit) via a presumably HAPIfork app.

Finally, as for the smart cutlery’s availability, a Kickstarter campaign is expected to be started by March of this year.


Via: OhGizmo / Mashable

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