Children Will Cram down Every Bit Of this Floor Made with Thousands Of Real Candy

Floor Made Of Candy_1

The world of small children is so simple and mellow – everything is colorful, pure, untouched and in an adult sense, sweet. This is why even in our imagination; we paint the orbits of their space with unadulterated colors – pink, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green and so on.

Taking inspiration from the ode of children’s world, Australian artists Tanya Schultz and her partner Nicole Andrijevic conjured up floors that are overwhelmingly colorful and sweet. You could as well have such flooring in the children’s room at home, but this Candyland won’t last much long for the floors is made of read candy and sugar, and the kids are most likely to eat it down to the last bit.

Besides read candy and sugar, the artists have also used beads, toys and other tit bits that belong to children for this cool interior decoration. It’s sad that the duo, Pip & Pop, as they called themselves, have parted ways, but what they’ve left behind is just too remarkable to escape our attention. Check out pictures of the wonderland they came up with.

Floor Made Of Candy_2 Floor Made Of Candy_3 Floor Made Of Candy_4 Floor Made Of Candy_5 Floor Made Of Candy_6 Floor Made Of Candy_7

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