College student converts school bus into a mobile house, for his thesis project

Bus converted into mobile house by Hank Butitta_1

As far as fascinating vehicular habitations go, we have talked about a prison van being turned into a RV and a even fire truck being morphed into a mobile B&B. However, this time around, it was the turn of the ubiquitous school bus to go through the incredible transformation, and it was courtesy of architecture student Hank Butitta.

The endeavor was envisaged as a final year thesis project from the University of Minnesota, and Butitta decided to depart from those occasionally highfalutin yet ultimately impractical renderings. Instead our resourceful budding architect opted for full fledged mobile habitation – a particular niche that is gaining considerable attention in the realm of spatially efficient architecture.

He started out the project with the help of his friends, and the first objective was to get hold of a real bus. Craigslist solved this predicament, with the group ending up buying an old, decrepit school bus. In fact, the dilapidated interiors helped the designers in their quest, by giving them the opportunity to completely dismantle the ole components and create brand new ones.

In that regard, Butitta and his buddies were successful by designing what can be term as a modular living space, comprising of user-specific zones. These included – bed bunks for resting, a kitchen, a bathroom and a special storage unit for outdoor gears. The scope of recycling was taken into consideration with the flooring being composed from the old wood sections salvaged from a school gymnasium.

The end result alluded to a sort of spartan look that is highly reminiscent of college dormitories. And, the really interesting part is – Butitta and his refurbished bus has successfully toured USA on a 5,000 mile trip. For more info, you can take a gawk at the below video titled HankBoughtABus.

Bus converted into mobile house by Hank Butitta_2 Bus converted into mobile house by Hank Butitta_3 Bus converted into mobile house by Hank Butitta_4 Bus converted into mobile house by Hank Butitta_5 Bus converted into mobile house by Hank Butitta_6

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