The Brændt Firepit by Brian Keyes fuses stability and ‘collective’ cooking

Brændt Firepit by Brian Keyes_1

It was only yesterday when we harped about the socializing side of outdoor cooking. This interesting ambit of mingling and hobnobbing also seems to be intrinsically related to the design focus of the above pictured Brændt Firepit by Brian Keyes.

Showcasing a low profile with an inviting embodiment, the essential bearing of the Danish-inspired fire pit is tailored to an open cooking process that involves both active and passive participation of people, that might include your friends and family. Moreover, the low-height circular shape of the pit with its tripod legs (made from lathed white ash) also alludes to structural stability. This in turn allows for greater flexibility when cooking/roasting on a collective scale.

The scope of stability is bolstered by the sturdy credentials of the materials used for the Brændt Firepit. To that end, the dish is crafted from high-quality laser cut sheet steel, and is deftly welded to the aforementioned legs. This entire compact assembly is finished with a special ceramic-based powder coat known as Cerakote, which shields the pit from high temperature, while also protecting it from regular wear-and-tear.

Brændt Firepit by Brian Keyes_2 Brændt Firepit by Brian Keyes_3 Brændt Firepit by Brian Keyes_4

Dimensions – Dia (38-inches or 96.52 cm) x Height (12-inches or 30.5 cm)

Via: TrendsNow

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