Yes, you can own one of these ‘literally’ floating pillows!

Floating pillow by magnetic levitation

Magnetic levitation is not exactly a new technology, with at least two ‘maglev’ trains making their commercial debut in the previous decade, along with numerous test specimens. But the very phenomenon of magnetic levitation is magical to say the least, with its unique property that allows physical matter to literally float in the mid-air. YouTube enthusiast BrussPup has made use of this ‘magical’ quality to display various objects being suspended in air, including a pillow supporting a solid block, and a full fledged chess table.

BrussPup had utilized the advanced CLM 2 magnetic levitation module for his optical illusions. These modules are manufactured by Crealev, and the catalog includes some incredible showcase items like floating lamps, keyboards and display products.

And, the great part is – Crealev’s service is not just limited to businesses and ad-agencies, but also extends to regular customers like you and me. So, if you are interested in ‘floating’ components for your home decor, do give a gander at the manufacturer’s site.

Via: Gizmodo

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