C’UP reversible cups for both your lattes and espressos

cup reversible coffee glass

One day you might want to make some nicely satisfying, creamy cappuccino, while on the other day you might want to settle for a frothy dose of espresso. But that doesn’t mean that you have to splurge money for two separate cups for each of these coffee concoctions. Why not? Well, because we have stumbled across the C’UP, a reversible cup that can cater to both of your coffee compulsions.

As the image clearly shows, one part of the cup has a smaller bowl for your favorite espressos, while the opposite side has a bigger volume for your varied lattes.

These C’UPs can also double up as handy kitchen decor pieces when not in use. Of course, nobody claimed awesomeness comes cheap. And, in that regard, each C’UP piece can demand a high price of €40 (which comes to around $53).

The reversible cups are also available in a set of six, which would set you back by around €220.00 (about $288).

Via: [Product page] [Thatsnerdalicious]

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