Daring DIYer builds a gorgeous little cabin in just $8,241

DIYer builds little cabin in just $8,241_1

What about a cozy little cabin for your next DIY project? Well, one should take a lesson or two from Redditor ‘LXXXIV’, the resourceful Kiwi artist behind this gorgeous, minimalist DIY home with a meager budget of around $10,000 NZD ($8,241 USD).

Talking about what drove him to build this chalet, the Redditor said that it was primarily the high rent prices in Christchurch, New Zealand, as a result of the earthquakes. Constructed over the summer in just 4 months, this wooden cabin features a bedroom, a living space and a kitchenette.

Situated in the midst of a forest garden, the house has a deck with a pathway in front that leads up to the main house. Huge sliding glass doors and windows have been deftly used to allow for maximum natural lighting and also, natural ventilation.

The wood flooring and panelling complete the quaint cottage look. The living room, furnished with a sofa, a writing table and a footstool, looks out to the garden. The bedroom consists of a basic wooden double bed, while the kitchenette is mostly bare with only a toaster and a tap.

The cabin, however, is far from complete. The bathroom is yet to be built. Although the plumbing had already been done, guttering has still not been completed. The porch cover and cladding are left to be installed. The house has not been entirely furnished either.

But what is unique about this DIY house is that it makes sustainable and efficient reuse of second-hand materials. The Redditor had no prior building experience and relied mostly on the building guide to conform to the local building standards. Google Sketchup was used to design the preliminary framework.

The beautiful little chalet indeed serves as real inspiration and guide for all those people who want to construct their house all by themselves. Let all the DIY purists out there go crazy on this one.

DIYer builds little cabin in just $8,241_8

DIYer builds little cabin in just $8,241_11 DIYer builds little cabin in just $8,241_12

Via: Reddit

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