Dozing Desk: The bed-based ‘work station’ that allows you to work while…resting!

Dozing Desk_1

Over the past few months, we have come across some remarkably lazy-inspired yet innovative contrivances, be it the pulley-based bed table or the pillow that also houses your tablet. But as expected, it is the Japanese who take the honor for eccentric ingenuity – with their so-called ‘Dozing Desk’, a furniture setup that allows you to work on your laptop while you are gleefully lying down on the bed.

The design from Japan-based firm Sanko has probably solved the conundrum of ‘laptop posture’ by allowing you to go all the way into a snug horizontal position. The assembly has triple joints on each of its legs that makes it perfectly height adjustable, while the laptop-holding tray can be rotated in a 360 degrees manner. In other words, yes – you can nonchalantly sleep, rest and work, without changing much of your position, like those mirthfully lazy humans from Wall-E.

As a matter of fact, the ‘Dozing Desk’ has taken laziness to a whole new level of practicality. To that end, the users don’t even have to worry about the heating predicament of the laptop – the tray is effectively integrated with built-in fan coolers that keeps the companion machine snappy all day for you to work ‘leisurely’. And the best part for slackers – one can own all of it by just paying a price of 8,980 yen (around $90) and potential future spinal problems.

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Via: Time

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