SOFISTA modular furniture can morph into a chair, chaise longue and bed

SOFISTA modular sofa_1

The realm of burgeoning apartments have yet another savior in the form of the SOFISTA, a modular furniture system from designer Fabrizio Simonetti. We call it a ‘system’ because of the collective nature of the design that entails its capacity to transform into various items like a sofa, an armchair, a chaise longue and even a single bed. This multi-functional ambit is complemented by spatial efficiency – a crucial factor for a furniture that is to be arranged inside a cramped abode.

In its default mode, the SOFISTA showcases a three-seat traditional couch with flanking armrests on both sides. These arms can be pulled to make way for a chair and a chaise longue, while the sofa still remains intact albeit with its lessened form. But the best feature arguably would pertain to its capacity to be morphed into a makeshift bed – which can certainly come in handy for those hospitality scenarios when a guest comes for an overnight stay in your apartment (remember Seinfeld’s parents?).

The ease of usability is aptly complemented by the physical aspects of the SOFISTA. To that end, the dye-free upholstery is touted be made from recycled materials, while arms and backrests boasts of soft and flexible polyurethane foam. All of these seat-oriented components are supported by a sturdy beech wood frame with natural finish.

As for the commercial side of affairs, the SOFISTA is available in eight different color combos. The price is admittedly a bit on the steep side with a tag of €1,210 (around $1,620). But we should also consider the design as a collective furniture solution for our living room, which does justify the pricing factor to some degree.

SOFISTA modular sofa_2 SOFISTA modular sofa_3

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