Driftwood Side Tables By Michael Dawkins, designed to spruce up boring interiors

Acrylic Side Table by Michael Dawkins_1

If you are one of those people who longs for a driftwood artifact in your home, then this side table in acrylic will surely impress you.

This driftwood side table by Michael Dawkins promises to catch everybody’s attention with its exceptional look, and the designer’s eye for detail. For rooms that are clutter free and need minimal designing, the table is just perfect.

Patrons of exceptional pieces of art and rustic décor can choose between a table in light tones or a piece in burnt wood as shown in the pictures. The designer has made beautiful pieces in burnt wood trunk and burnt wood branches, each being a fine example of excellent use of two totally different mediums.In the images you will see that the fine details of the wood are exemplified when used in acrylic. The tables are 11.75” square and 17.75” tall in dimension.

The concept of the table is fossil like, where the wood has been preserved in all its beauty for life. The trees seem to be living inside these tables, thus replicating the organic glory of Mother Nature.

Acrylic Side Table by Michael Dawkins_2 Acrylic Side Table by Michael Dawkins_3 Acrylic Side Table by Michael Dawkins_4

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