DGT Chess Set also comes with its electronic bells and whistles for online matches

DGT Bluetooth Chess Set_1

What may seem like just an elegant chessboard set, is much more than its tangible aesthetics suggest. The above pictured DGT Wireless e-Board can connect to your PC or mobile device via cordless Bluetooth (or USB cable). So what purpose does that serve, you ask? Well, it transforms the chess set into a sort of a virtual/online simulation – where you can have matches against other internet-connected players or the AI.

In other words, you can use the DGT chess set as a conventional game item with all the movable pieces. But in case you get bored with the play-style of your physical opponents, you can take things to a new level by challenging online opponents. In fact, the PC connection would allow the chess enthusiasts to enroll and test out those chess playing programs, in addition to just net-based players. Furthermore, you can also record and broadcast your own game on internet’s live stream.

DGT Bluetooth Chess Set_2

As for the electronic aspects of the DGT Wireless e-Board, powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, the chess set boasts of an improved scanning attribute, an LED indicator (with three colors) and an automated firmware upgrade feature. When translated to capabilities, the game set can store up to a whopping 500 moves in its internal memory. This is achieved with the aid of the built-in sensors that sync up with the electronically-embedded pieces.

Lastly, all of these complex components are topped off with the glorious Rosewood finish of the DGT chess set. So, at the of the day, it is all about classiness bolstered by an advanced scope of technology.

For more info, please check out the product’s online retail page.

Price – €600 (around $745).

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