Ecooking Vertical Kitchen poses as a ‘green’ kitchen system with easy access features

With the chimes of green technology ringing at all corners of our home based applications, a low carbon, sustainable kitchen system was always in the cards. But what separates the above pictured Ecooking Vertical Kitchen from other comparable products is its easy accessibility and collective nature.Ecooking Vertical Kitchen_1

Conceived by Massimo Facchinetti, the system comprises of a columnar stack that includes all the utilities and appliances of a modern kitchen. In this regard, the accessible stack has a fridge, a dishwasher, an oven, a sink and an espresso machine. And, if you thought that was innovative; hear this out – the stack also has a dedicated ‘garden’ for herbs that can be used as seasonings on your cooked food.

As for its usability criteria, the Ecooking Vertical Kitchen entails as seating arrangement for six people at its lower most ‘level’. This is complemented by various ‘green’ features like incorporation of renewable solar mechanisms for powering up and a dedicated water filtration system for the dishwasher.

Finally, the kitchen system also has the ability to purify air via nano-ized titanium dioxide, thus keeping our fruits and vegetable fresh and bacteria-free for a longer time.

Ecooking Vertical Kitchen_2

Via: MocoLoco

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