California’s charming cottage baffles us with its $1.19 million price tag

california cottage

We here at Home Harmonizing had the fortune of coming across a myriad of housing solutions, ranging from the fascinating Hobbit-hole inspired house to the low cost DIY cob house. This time around, things tread the middle path between elegance and efficiency, with Richard Berrett’s charming cottage built entirely by hand.

Boasting of just 510 sq ft of area, the 1035 Coyote Road cottage located in Santa Barbara, California, upholds the virtue of compactness with aplomb. This ‘cute’ scale of construction is further complemented by the pleasantly crafted facades and the lush surrounding landscape. The entire panorama veritably initiates the feel of Tolkien-esque Middle Earth, with the verdant vista languidly nestling the delightful dwelling.

However, it is not only the setting and scenery that is fantastical. The cottage with its single bedroom and bath has an asking price of a whopping $1.19 million. Perhaps it has something to do with the ‘historic’ relevance of the property. The house was built during the Hippie Era of 60’s, and was in fact a ‘communal project’ conceived by the owner, his neighbors and even some bohemian artists.

Nevertheless, the 1035 Coyote Road cottage is a successful iteration of energy efficient architecture. This is evident from the adobe bricks dotting the facades that were actually made from the clay dug during the foundation construction. Of course, the only question remains – are these features of art and sustainability showcased here worth their value in astronomical monetary terms?

Via: HuffingtonPost

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