Enignum canopy bed offers cocooned feeling of protection and enclosure

enignum canopy bed


Bed is surely a furniture unit designed to provide a cocooned feeling of protection and enclosure. Enhancing on the concept, Joseph Walsh Studio has created the ‘Enignum Canopy Bed – Chatsworth’ for Sotheby’s Modern Makers selling exhibition at Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England.

Designed for a sense of enclosure, which can be customized for every season, the Enignum Canopy Bed is an epitome of design and comfort.


The Enignum Canopy Bed – Chatsworth has been made from Olive Ash, a pliable wood and is finished in white oil for that outstanding glow. Measuring 78.5-inches high, 74.8-inches wide and 109.6-inches long, the bed if a ‘free form composition’ i.e. it is designed as it is created.

The bed is made from planks of ash, which are sliced into sheets and then glued together in indefinite shapes and finished pieces. The unique curves of the bed are then achieved by hand-curving the angular structure.


Joseph Walsh Studio has been designing Enignum series furniture since 2008. The series includes dining tables, console units, beds and chairs. However, the Enignum Canopy Bed for Sotheby’s Modern Makers is the latest in the collection.


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