DIYer creates a room-based ‘Spacecraft Enclosure’ with audio, video and lighting effects

kids room spacecraft diy

Previously, we had talked about the hi-tech products that could really notch up on your bedroom’s futuristic credentials. However, this time around, one Jeff Highsmith had decided to tread the do-it-yourself path, and the result is the impressive ‘Spacecraft Enclosure’ entirely furnished for his lucky kid’s room.

Admittedly inspired by the Apollo spacecraft, Highsmith utilized a host of features and applications that are similar to the renowned NASA-built machines. To that end, the nifty setup includes an entire control panel with those alluring buttons and paraphernalia of cool displays complemented by deft audio effects. And quite excitingly, the joystick in this panel actual allows one to regulate the apt lighting and sound ambiance emanating from the engine and thrusters.

The impression of an advanced spacecraft however doesn’t stop there. Our resourceful DIYer went on to contrive the Spacecraft Enclosure’s very own payload bay – which boasts of a motorized access hatch and even a fully controllable robotic arm that helps in deploying the toy satellites – a ‘strategic’ action that can be seen via dedicated video feed.

The space exploration ambit is made even more realistic by the integration of a communication system between the enclosure and a Mission Control situated in another room. This system comprises of headset pairs that allow the children to practice on their ‘space talk’ while taking the fantastical voyage around the imagined stars, planets and other astronomical bodies.

And lastly, the best part about the room-based Spacecraft Enclosure is – you can also make your own version, by virtue of its DIY credentials. Follow the detailed instructions given by the designer at MakeZine, and also watch the video below to have an idea about the remarkable work that went into this homemade space-oriented contrivance.

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