Glider Hammock: A groovy combo of a hammock and a rocking chair

The Glider Hammock by Emad Wahba_1

Last week, we had stumbled across the Transamac Bed, a contrivance that takes outdoor relaxing to a personalized level. And now, following hot on its heels is the utterly groovy Glider Hammock that ‘glides, rocks and swings’ its way to glory.

Sort of combining the purposes of both a hammock and a rocking chair, the outdoor furniture item brings the incessant swinging action back into vogue. This ‘automated’ motion can be started by the user by just moving his/her feet for the inertia. This inertial force in turn allows the uniquely curved support of the Glider Hammock to take over the kinetic action, and maintain a relaxing flow of smooth motion.

This scope of smoothness translates to real-time practicality with the furniture preserving its tendency to rock (which can be guided and controlled by the feet), as opposed to the dipping action on one end prevalent in most hammock designs. So in essence, the holy grail combo of relaxing on your hammock and watching outdoor TV might just become a reality.

Lastly, in its commercial embodiment, the Glider Hammock will feature a modular structure that can be presumably assembled by the user. But the real brag-worthy attribute would surely be the engraved wood craftsmanship that perfectly complements the novel structural arrangement of the classy outdoor furniture.

The Glider Hammock by Emad Wahba_5 The Glider Hammock by Emad Wahba_4 The Glider Hammock by Emad Wahba_3 The Glider Hammock by Emad Wahba_2

The Glider Hammock is currently going through its crowd funded Kickstarter campaign.

Price – ranging from $750 to $1,200.

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