Hershey’s Pint Syrup Soy Candle emanates the delectable aroma of chocolate

hershey pint syrup soy candle


Last time around, we were baffled (and a bit unsure) about the Kentucky Fried Chicken candles that supposedly gave out the authentic aroma of the popular fast-food concoction. But let’s say if it came to chocolate, the sweet fragrance might just hit the right spot and instigate our cocoa-inspired cravings. And fortunately, that is exactly what the designers (Carousel Candles) of the ‘Hershey’s Pint Syrup Soy Candle’ claim, with the contrivance being touted to wholesomely mimic the delectable aroma of the one-and-only Hershey’s Syrup.

The soy-based candle is primly packaged in a lead-free container which aptly replicates the vintage style of Hershey’s Syrup cans. This container also gives the much needed solidity to the candle, by simply confining the burning, melting wax from expanding too far. And lastly, since we have brought up the scope of burning, the Hershey’s Pint Syrup Soy Candle has the substantial capacity to burn for up to 40 hours.


Weight – 12 oz.

Buy (from Amazon) – $17.99

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