The Drop ‘smart kitchen scale’ connects to your iPad in a wireless scope

Drop iPad connected Kitchen Scale_1

Weighing the correct quantity of ingredients is every budding baker’s nightmare. Considering that preparation of food is a form of high-precision ‘chemical experiment’, even grams of disparity might result in an inferior end product. Fortunately, the designers of the Drop sympathize with your culinary predicaments, as is evident from their smart kitchen scale that can be connected in a wireless manner to your iPad.

Shaped like a tear-drop, the digital contrivance comprises of a non-slip silicone molding along the top surface. But the real advantage of the device is its ability to connect with your tablet via Bluetooth BLE. This allows the user to browse through the online recipes, while marking out the correct quantities of ingredients for precision cooking/baking.

Of course, just connecting to a mobile tablet is just one part of the story. The Drop also boasts of an interactive app touted as ‘smart assistant’ that will help you with your cooking process. For example, after you have placed a container on the scale and then started adding the ingredient, the app will gauge the optimized amount and move on to the next step of the recipe. The scope is entirely automated, and so you don’t actually have to touch the iPad screen for navigating through the recipe page.

And, even when you need to navigate to the next recipe, you can do so by pushing a special button on the Drop scale, instead of messing up your mobile device. All of these advantages will be complemented by a whopping 500 ‘built-in’ recipes at launch, with their related images, videos and apt instructions.

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Lastly, as for the commercial side of affairs, the Drop digital scale is expected to make its retail debut by fall of this year with a price of $99. Users can also pre-order the wireless device from the product page, by paying a reduced price of $80.

Via: PCMag

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