Transformer apartment dynamically changes its interior spaces for better circulation

Transformer apt. by Vlad Mishin

Transformer apt. by Vlad Mishin

It is almost like a giant Cubist art form invading your interior space! Aptly christened as the Transformer (not related in anyway to boisterous car robots), this interesting arrangement of an extended sculptural structure alludes to the ‘dynamic’ spatial organization of your apartment. In simpler terms, it means that the structure is not just an avant grade eye candy to visually enhance your interiors. It has a crucial functionality in managing your apartment spaces by segregating and connecting them according to your preference in circulation.

Made from a black metal framework and then draped in plywood, the external facades of the imposing Transformer structure are marked by sharp bending lines. However, according its Russian designer Vlad Mishin, the bending natures of these lines are not there just to fill the abstract quotient. In fact, they also correspond to the technical characteristics of the structure and how it transforms into separate blocks. And, those blocks are the primary elements that define your room’s purpose and circulation pattern.

For example, the transforming structure can morph into three different rotating blocks. Among them the main block has a television panel, which also serves as a convenient book shelf in the background. This panel can be tilted along its axis to suit the viewing angle of the user. Following this dynamic spatial nature, the other blocks are also foldable in nature, thus giving way to door openings to other parts of the apartment (like the bedrooms and common room).

Finally, this modular customization attribute doesn’t actually stop with the blocks. The Transformer structure integrates a full fledged kitchen space (with a usable refrigerator) in one its niches, hidden behind a hinged partition wall. In this regard, these convertible efficient spaces ultimately cater to the relatively small size of modern day apartments.

Transformer apt. by Vlad Mishin

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