House made of tires can even resist high magnitude earthquake

Earthquake Resistant House by IIT Scientists_1

The earthquakes destroy constructions depending upon its magnitude. However, if the structures are strong enough they can withstand tremors and defeat devastating purpose of earthquake. Since times immemorial, scientists have been trying to come up with capable solutions that could mitigate the ill effects of earthquake, and now IIT Roorkee scientists have come up with a new construction technique that makes houses earthquake resistant.

Scientists from IIT Rookee have used pieces of recycled or leftover tires to make a construction material that is earthquake proof. To go by the scientists of the department of earthquake engineering, they have used the principle of dissipating energy in this construction project. The project is based on the interlocking of pre-cast slotted concrete blocks that takes place owing to the energy of the dissipation links.

The recycled pieces of rubber tires that have a very thin lamination of steel plates over them form the dissipation links. The dissipation links make the concrete blocks act strong and restrict their movement in all the directions. The links also help scatter the earthquake energy load, eventually preventing any solid damage to the structure.

The scientists have followed a particular load capacity while designing the concrete blocks and the links. They have kept the load capacity of the links lower than that of the blocks. This principle of load capacity dissipates energy through friction between blocks and the links in a strong earthquake condition, so that the concrete walls do not collapse. The model has passed all stages of its seismic performance without denting the concrete walls.

Scientists have tried the model for just a single story building as of now and soon will try it on a double story-building model too. This model is of immense help to make constructions escape the devastating effects of the shaking earth and that too without increasing the construction cost.

Earthquake Resistant House by IIT Scientists_2

Source: Indiatimes

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