How long does it take to repair a garage door?

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Garage doors are just one of those things you think are going to last forever. Every day you open, close, and you forget about the maintenance. Usually, a new spring, and you’re back up in no time at all. Often you will call out a professional, and your door can be functional in a couple of hours.

Simple Repairs

To keep your garage door working in perfect order, it’s worth inspecting and doing the maintenance on your part. Clean the doors and rollers regularly could prevent calling out an expert for a little dust. Dust clogs up the moving parts, preventing the door from opening. You might want to spray a bit of grease along the rollers and be sure you have done your research as you don’t want to use the wrong product for your door.

While inspecting the door, check that the cables are intact and everything looks like it should. When opening and closing the door, pay attention to how the springs work. If you open your door and it suddenly feels heavy, it’s time to call the experts. 

Creaks From the Garage Door

If you start to hear noises that you haven’t heard before, this is not the time to ignore them. If you catch it early on, a few new parts could be the answer. Sometimes it means that the hinges may need a bit more greasing or replaced. The rollers become noisy if they are no longer working properly. You should call out a professional to inspect the door. 

Temperature Affects the Garage Door

The outside climate may affect your door. If you experience extreme weather conditions such as very cold, the door often freezes. You may find the door feels a bit like us on a cold day, difficult to wake up. The door struggles to open. You need to check the sensor is exposed and not covered with ice or even snow. If you find the door won’t open, don’t keep pressing the button more and more, and it will open. Doing so causes extreme damage to the door. If you can access hot water, and it won’t affect the electrics, throw some hot water to unfreeze. The hot water will bring the door back to regular temperature, and opening will be a lot easier. 


The springs are a vital part of how the door operates. The springs must have the right torsion for the door to open. Depending on the type of spring you opt for, they do last quite a long time. When you feel the door feels heavy as you open and close, it’s time to call an expert to change the springs. By changing the springs, you may fix the door quickly. If you do not replace the springs on time, you cause pressure on the other mechanics. 

Wear and Tear

Doors usually last a very long time. If you aren’t maintaining the door, you could be facing extensive and expensive repairs. You may need to replace the door. If you keep your door well maintained, then it has the capability to keep going for years to come. Changing the door should be because it’s old or that you want to modernize your property. If your door is not functioning, you can usually get same-day garage door repair in your area.

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