Stovetable keeps you warm while cooking and dining

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Cooking outdoors can be a hassle, especially during winters when the very prospect of dining outdoors can send shivers down one’s spine. Need not to worry anymore though, for cooking and eating meals outdoors just got easier with Stovetable. Revealed at the Dutch Design Week 2014, the Stovetable is just like any other standard dining table; however, it comes with a wood burning stove attached to its countertop at one end. Doubling as an outdoor fireplace and a dining table, it features an oven with a grill rack and baking stone where you can grill vegetables and meat, and even bake a pizza.

The Design:

Stovetable takes its design inspiration from China where family members usually gather around the fireplace to cook and eat their meals. In addition to helping them interact better with each other, this practice also allows them to keep warm while eating their meals.

It’s a steel table that comes with a massive radiator attached to it for heating purposes. Hot air generated by the radiator circulates through the heater as well as the hollow tubes attached to the legs and tabletop. Users can open and close the vents, located on the back of the stove, to adjust the heat accordingly. Thus, the furniture does double duty, as it creates a cozy space for family dinners and other celebrations.


It has been made of powder coated steel, corten steel, teak wood and heat resistant glass. The heater, aka stove, is made of corten steel that protects the stove from rusting when exposed to the outdoor weather. Corten steel is also preferred due to its increased resistance to corrosion when exposed to air.


The Stovetable has been designed in such a way that it can be easily assembled and disassembled into small parts, thus making it very easy for one to carry it wherever needed.


Currently, it is available in two variants, including full sized model, i.e. the entire Stovetable with the table and stove connected to each other, and the small model that just features the stove with the steel edges and legs that you can adjoin with an existing table.

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