How to make Spooky Eyes to decorate your home for Halloween

Just writing about Halloween creates so much excitement; imagine the rush you will experience when the festivities will actually begin.  When it comes to decorating your homes for Halloween, let your imagination go wild and your dark side out. Just for a few days!

We today share a spooky and scary Halloween decoration idea, that you can execute with or without your children. This terrifying and simple to make decoration is sure to catch everybody by shock, followed by frightening squeals.  Halloween decorations might look distasteful to some, but they do manage to spread an eeriness in and around homes for a month.

The Spooky eyes project promises to be artsy and easy, quick to execute. Let’s get started with this project. Before we divulge the details, we must add that if you have a back yard with bushes, the eyes will be even more successful in their sinister moves.

You first need to collect a handful of empty toilet rolls, duct tape, glow sticks, Christmas lights, and red cellophane sheets.  You can either, take out a printout of creepy eyes and make a template out of it. Or cut different shapes for each toilet roll.

Spooky Eyes for Halloween_1 Spooky Eyes for Halloween_2 Spooky Eyes for Halloween_3

Once the eyes start staring back at you, you can feel the eeriness creeping inside your house. Now you need to stick the red cellophane sheet from the inside of the rolls. Insert a Christmas light inside it and seal the sides with duct tape on both sides.

Spooky Eyes for Halloween_4

You can also awe all visitors with scary eyes peeping from in between, by using the glow stick method.

Spooky Eyes for Halloween_5

Just by a dozen or so glow sticks insert them in the toilet rolls and seal them off with the duct tape. Now place these spooky eyes in all colors in strategic places in your home and catch everybody by surprise.

Spooky Eyes for Halloween_6

You are officially a master at monster crafts now.

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