How to make the Illuminated Garland of Ghosts to decorate your home this Halloween

Don’t go about splurging money on Halloween decorations this year. Make them yourself at home. Start your planning today and surprise everyone with your dark and evil side. Get into the Halloween spirit by making this Illuminated Ghost Garland.

Illuminated Garland of Ghosts_1

Once completed, you can hang it on the door way or mantle piece or even at your gate. The best part about this decoration is that it looks scary in the day and even more scary in the night. Your guests and visitors also might find these ghosts in a line most adorable.

Getting them activated will just take the flip of a switch and making them is a simple as cooking a pie. Get the following supplies ready before you embark on this scary project.

You will need a white strong thread, at least two yards of stark white cloth, a dozen or so white lantern lights, scissors and a black marker.

Illuminated Garland of Ghosts_2

Start by cutting ten squares of fourteen inch, from the white cloth. Now fold them in triangles and cut the tip, in order to create a hole right in the center.

Illuminated Garland of Ghosts_3

Very carefully remove the lantern from the light. Insert the light in the hole that was made in the center of the squares. Once the light is in secure the lantern around it. Now secure the cloth around the lantern with the help of the white thread.

Illuminated Garland of Ghosts_4

Using the marker draw a pair of ghostly eye and a hungry mouth.

Illuminated Garland of Ghosts_5Your army of adorable ghosts is ready to be stationed at a unit of your choice. They look spooky along the stairs rail, or as patio lights. The size of the lanterns can be altered to make bigger or smaller ghosts.

These mini ghosts are sure to make your day.

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