IKAWA – World’s first digital micro roaster brews the perfect cup of coffee

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Making that perfect cup of coffee is an art in itself. Fortunately, it is an art that is about to be mastered by everyone in the world, thanks to the IKAWA home roaster. This innovative product is a digital micro roaster that would enable you to enjoy the beautiful aromas and flavors of different varieties of coffees by roasting them at home.

It is no strange fact that a perfect cup of coffee stems from the best green beans as well as the ideal roast related to these beans. The IKAWA helps you roast your coffee and prepare the perfect cup with nothing but the mere push of a button. The product also comes with a wide range of high quality green coffee beans from several locations around the world. In addition to this, it also has perfect roast recipes to get the best flavors from these beans.

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One of the highlights of the IKAWA is its integration with any android or iOS powered phone. All one need to do to brew coffee a certain way (for instance, pour over, filter or Espresso, etc) is to choose a specific roast recipe from the smartphone. This would be followed by dropping the beans into the roaster and simply watch as they roast for about 10 minutes.

Users can choose to follow the list of world-renowned coffee roast recipes on IKAWA or opt to create their own unique coffee roast recipes from scratch. They can also share these recipes with other users and coffee lovers in a community via social networking sites.

The IKAWA Home Roaster can fit into any modern kitchen with ease, owing to its small size. Hardly the size of a kettle, the roaster is made of top quality materials that make it a very durable and lightweight. The roaster is also compatible with international power supplies, offering a 220-240V model for countries like the UK, Europe, China, Singapore and Australia, 110-120 V model for Venezuela, Taiwan and Central America and a 100 V model for Japan.

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Source: Cnet

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