Lahdeke can be the future of compact kitchens

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Organized by Nixi, the Helsinki Design Week 2014 saw many individuals present their ideas on kitchen layouts and designs as part of the Kitchen of the Future competition. The winner of the competition this year was a concept design called Lahdeke, stealing the show as well as the jury’s hearts with its innovative style and distinctive implementations.

The kitchen has to be an area of the house, which experiences the most activity during the day. As a place that is rich in functional elements, the kitchen has to be designed in such a way that it infuses all these elements into a single, seamless and efficient unit.

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Lahdeke features a worktop and shelf made of Corian, while the core is made of a thin layer of veneer wood. The design offers organic shapes that include a workspace and storage spaces with covers that the user can lift to unfurl additional workspaces. The compact L shaped kitchen island is designed in such a way that it serves the need of the user without hindering functionality in any way.

The sleek look of the Lahdeke kitchen also hides some interesting features in a seamless manner. A series of storage spaces hide behind two uniform, tall sliding cupboard doors to store necessary home appliances. The result is a bright, lively kitchen that blend in naturally with the surrounding areas, including the living room, which looks like a natural extension of the kitchen and vice versa.

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Lahdeke is a perfect example of visual look and functionality. The compact, user-friendly kitchen design is timeless and super stylish. It is also one of those few kitchens, which consider the environmentally practices while production. As such, Lahdeke once in production can be one of the most eco-friendly kitchen designs.

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Source: Nixi

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