Pervititch Coffee Table brings old districts of Istanbul to your living area

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ABRA design studio has many unique things about it that charms so many clients from across the globe. First, all their products are handcrafted that calls for great potential designers, and another is the use of traditional manufacturing methods that makes their products unique and attention grabbing. The same goes for their Pervititch series of coffee tables.

The Pervititch coffee table is not just a plain table but a great conversation starter as well. ABRA took inspiration from Istanbul (its native country) to design this exclusive series of coffee tables. Designers have minutely observed the old districts of Istanbul, and drawn the maps of those districts on top of the coffee table. Designed by Cemal Çobanoğlu and Başak Bakkaloğlu, the coffee table owes its name to Jacques Pervititch who produced detailed maps of Istanbul from 1922-1945.

The design looks simple unless you take a closer view. It will appear to you as any other coffee table with four legs, and a round top. When you see it closely, you realize that Pervititch coffee table is made of plywood with its top handcrafted so well that it resembles a traditional map of districts of Istanbul covered under a glass top. The size (90 x 38cm) of this coffee table is just ideal for big as well as small rooms. The color choices you get in this series are red, turquoise, and grey.

ABRA is a design studio and brand renowned for its unique range of lighting, furniture, and other objects. The brand ABRA is based in Istanbul and works in collaboration with talented designers who come from different parts of the world.

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Source: Abradesignstudio

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