Inspirational home décor ideas strolling right from the fashion ramp

Modern fashion trends are fast influencing our life, be it clothing or home décor, these days.

The vibrant colors, prints and themes of fashion shows are being emulated to reflect in several home decorating trends. Here are such home décor ideas that we can say have been inspired by the reigning fashion trends.

1. Subtle, Pastel Shades:

Renowned fashion brand displayed its range of pink accents to signify the importance of spring and the manner a pop of vibrant color can chase away the neutral colors of winter with style. Moving on to how we can incorporate this fashion trend into the home décor, adding bright pink upholstery to an otherwise neutral room can make it stand out. You can also work with other subtle shades of spring including greens, blues, yellows, etc. to accentuate spaces and make them look brighter instantly.

2. Bright, Bold Colors:

Bold colors never fail to make an impression. Perhaps, that is why they are considered runaway hits in any fashion show. Loud, clashing colors tend to increase the visual interest by several notches, achieving the same effect for your home as well. However, you would need to be a bit careful when experimenting with bold colors. A wise (and safe) choice would be to opt for large color blocks on the walls while the accessories and textiles can be accentuated with fun prints.

3. Monochromatic Looks:

Sometimes, the simplest details get the maximum attention, which is quite evident in several fashion shows that tend to focus on a monochromatic look and theme. In addition to keeping the look clean and neat, this fashion trend gives an added edge to clothes.

The monochromatic look is perhaps the easiest fashion trend you can adopt for your home decor, simply because it deals with very little experimentation and still come out with flying colors. For instance, you can opt for white or pastel colored walls throughout the home, while ensuring that the upholstery and furnishings come in complementing colors and patterns to achieve a sleek, modern look. Of course, pops of color in each room would be a welcoming addition to even out the monochromatic look, so that it does not end up making your home look boring.

4. Geometric Black and White Patterns:

While the black and white colors can make a fashion statement of sorts on their own, incorporating them in fun geometric patterns can bring about a sleek, interesting feel to the entire look. Bold lines, contrasting stripes and geometric patterns can make the classic black and white color combination work fantastically for clothing lines.

What black and white patterns do for fashion, they achieve the same for home décor. The classic black and white color combo for interiors never fails and can be the right choice for interiors, both private and commercial. You can adopt this look in your home to make the home decor more luxurious in look and feel. In addition to mixing the white and black color palettes to conjure magical patterns on the walls, you can decorate it with resembling furnishings and accessories to achieve an overall spellbinding look.

5. Loose Geometric Lines:

While sharp geometric lines indicate sharpness and a more formal look, loose lines can suit a more casual, chic look. This trend has found its place in Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2015 Collections where dresses and floor length gowns were covered in loose geometric prints that made the eye catching designs all the more glamorous.

You can adopt this trend successfully in your home décor as well, thanks to the fact that you do not need to stick to sharp lines and figures while painting or decorating your home. Hand painted patterns can liven up the walls to a great extent, while laidback furnishings can help you achieve a casual and yet classy look.

6. Fluffy Attractions:

Fur never goes out of fashion. There is always a fashion label or two that use fuzzy, fluffy faux fur pieces to make a style statement. Your home décor would stand out and make your home look out of this world with a little bit of fluffy fur. While your choices for home decoration are limited when it comes to using fur, you can make the most of it by opting for faux fur blankets in the bedroom, cushions in the living room and even plush throws for the sofas.

7. Floral Prints:

There is no better way to announce the arrival of spring than with floral prints. These colorful prints can liven up any outfit and leave little to the imagination in terms of color choices and patterns.

With a little bit of floral decoration, your home would also look as inviting as spring.  A simple floral arrangement in a side or center table or the mantel above the fireplace can work well to accentuate the area immediately.

8. Retro Look:

Many fashion labels adhere to the retro look with funky floral prints as well as bright colors and patterns to highlight a hippie like vibe. While your home may not look that nice with a completely retro look, you can look for modern adaptations, such as retro inspired wall, papered feature wall or retro inspired furniture painted in modern hues.


Many home decorating ideas draw inspiration from seasonal fashion trends. If you are on the lookout for fashion trends that can play a vital role in your home décor, these trends can definitely inspire any homeowner.

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