‘Iron Men’ iron bamboozles us with its futuristic bearing

Iron Men Iron by Xiaoneng Jin_1

We might not be proud of it, but the best of us had to get behind the handle on our days of reckoning. What handle, you ask? Well, of course the handle of an iron, when the formal party is about to start in two hours, and you had completely forgotten about your wrinkled suit.

And, since we have established – men do have to iron their way of situations, why not make a iron specially for us geeks? Designer Xiaoneng Jin has surely heard our hypothetical pleas, and the glorious result is the Iron Men iron, a contraption inspired by stingrays and stealth jet fighters.

Inspirations aside, it looks like some futuristic form of a boomerang, with the streamlined features enticing us with their groovy minimalism and snazzy angles. However, beyond just aesthetics, the Iron Men iron has its own degree of practicality. The transparent inverted V-shaped facade along the top section gives us visuals on the cloth we are ironing. This means we can actually watch if we are causing any undue suffering to the suit while gawking at our favorite sitcom.

More importantly, the Iron Men iron might just make the mundane chore of ironing a bit more fun. So, we surely are rooting for the crafty design to see the commercial light of the day.

Iron Men Iron by Xiaoneng Jin_3 Iron Men Iron by Xiaoneng Jin_2

Via: NewTech-ENews

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