Jeans Label Carpets ingeniously assembled from discarded jeans labels!

Jeans Label Carpets_1

When it comes to ‘manliness’, carpets don’t quite make for apt home-based decor accessories to bolster you persona. That is up till now. The designers from Polytuft have craftily managed to create entire carpets from patches of old jeans labels. Unpretentiously christened as Jeans Label Carpets, each of the incredible specimens boast of famous denim brands, which takes you to a trip down the memory lane of high-end apparels.

However bypassing the vigorous essence, there is a certain conscientious side to the whole affair. On closer scrutiny, these discarded labels (mainly from Western countries) were painstaking salvaged and upcycled to give them a second life of functionality. This whole scope of recycling rather complements the novelty credential of the Jeans Label Carpets.

And even beyond the intangible natures of aesthetics and uprightness, the carpets do make for durable decor pieces by virtue of their sturdy leather patches that are stitched together with back-draping high quality cotton strips.

Jeans Label Carpets_2 Jeans Label Carpets_3 Jeans Label Carpets_4 Jeans Label Carpets_5

Dimensions – 140 x 200 cm or 160 x 240 cm (for the back cotton strips).

Price – €399 (around $550).

Via: LikeCool

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