Laorus outdoor system poses as the ‘collective’ gardening solution


The gardening aficionados among us will surely appreciate a ‘collective’ system that could help you with various gardening activities. And, as a simple yet convenient solution, French garden furniture company Laorus has unveiled their unique collection of garden accessories that together comprise of a single system. This collective system entails a sturdy, upright structure (galvanized and coated with powdered steel) that incorporates a watering fountain, a basin and a three-legged stool. There is also a separate utility hook behind the tap section that helps you to store your watering hose and hang your shears.

So, basically the different parts of the Laorus garden system pertains to different gardening activities. In this regard, whether you want to pick your freshly grown produce, water your precious flowers or just clean your dirty hand and feet; the entire conception (with its integrated accessories) poses as your collective gardening solution.


Via: Trendir

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