Lenovo’s wireless Beacon Home Cloud system with neat media sharing features

lenovo beacon home cloud

The notion of a cloud based storage device for your home sounds pretty plausible in the paper. Well, Lenovo wants to translate this intangible credibility into a practical system with their Beacon Home Cloud.

To be publicly unveiled in this year’s CES, the advanced NAS (Network Attached Storage) device can be accessed from the internet and also by local means.

The power-train of the Linux-driven Beacon Home Cloud boasts of a dual-core Intel Atom CE5315 processor and 1 GB of DDR3 memory. The set-up is complemented by USB 3.0 port for local transfer of files and HDMI port for controlling and viewing the content in a glorious HDTV.

Quite interestingly, the device will ship without any drive, thus substantially reducing the price factor. Of course, it will have the capacity to accommodate two 3 TB hard drives (for a total of 6 TB or 6,000 GB).

The true advantage of the wireless Beacon Home Cloud however lies in its ability to stream multimedia files directly to your television (via Bluetooth 4.01). Western Digital’s earlier launched My Cloud can also have this feature, albeit with the support of a HTPC client.

The other practical feature of Lenovo’s cloud storage device includes – a dedicated app that transforms your Android smartphone into a remote control. Moreover, one can also access and upload content on a remote basis from devices like phones, tablets and PC. This convenient level of synchronization will allow you to enjoy the multimedia files on a larger display.

And finally, since we have brought up user convenience, the scope is improved with easy-to-use attributes. This is bolstered by some built-in security features that gives the user the option of setting up parameters of how much content can an ‘outsider’ access.

Price – $199 (more details to be unveiled in CES).

Via: GottaBeMobile

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