LG to unveil Music Flow WiFi Series with wireless credibility, in CES 2015

Months ago, we talked about LG’s Music Flow line-up with its set of advanced features. And, now the audio-based series is about to make its physical debut in CES 2015, with the inclusion of some nifty products, including the Korean giant’s first ever portable wireless speaker in the form of the H4.

LG to unveil Music Flow WiFi Series in CES 2015_1

Of course, the very primary advantage of the Music Flow WiFi Series is its speakers ability to connect to other devices in a wireless manner. In fact, the Music Flow speaker does one better by allowing uninterrupted streaming of music from your smartphone even during calls, as opposed to conventional Bluetooth speakers. And, this streaming scope doesn’t only have to come from home libraries, but can also include specific services like Spotify and Napster.

Now, coming back to LG H4 Portable, the contraption is envisaged as the company’s first ‘mobile’ speaker which is powered by a set of built-in batteries. And, the best part is – beyond outdoor usage patterns, these portable devices can also be synced up with the conventional sound bars like HS7 and HS9, to transform your home system into a surround-sound beast.

This ambit is aptly complemented by the Auto Music Play feature that basically allows the user to remotely control the Music Flow. So, if you are listening to a tune in your smartphone, the speaker can automatically pick up on that audio file, when the mobile device is within a range of one foot. You can also remotely set the sequences of tunes played by the music system, so that they could emphatically greet you, when you return home from office or a trip.

All of these groovy attributes are finally topped off with the LG HomeChat capability. Utilizing the famous LINE messaging app, one can issue text commands to the speaker to play their preferred music. These simple commands can range from ‘play party music’ to ‘turn off speaker after 30 mins’. The app can further be used for notifications and alarms.

This is what Byung-hoon Min, a senior LG official, had to say about the Music Flow series –

The flexibility and quality of the LG Music Flow Wi-Fi Series delivers a listening experience that goes beyond what conventional audio systems have been able to offer until now. With Wi-Fi capability and high-fidelity audio output, our Music Flow Wi-Fi Series is the epitome of what a smart audio system should be capable of in the 21st century.

Source: LG News Room


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