Orion: A heavy-duty outdoor lamp powered by foldable organic photovoltaic film

Orion LED lamp_1

Durability, portability and usability – these three aspects pertain to the crucial ‘cornerstone’ features appreciated in outdoor-oriented products. And fortunately, the Orion LED lamp (from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique) fulfills all of the criteria with its advanced ‘green’ technology, complemented by heavy-duty attributes.

Envisaged as an illumination solution for a collective group of people (like in camps and treks), the lighting is offered by high-efficiency LEDs. But what really tickles our fancy is the unique internal setup that juices up the LED component. To that end, the Orion is powered by a ductile photovoltaic film, which in turn is fueled by Armor’s OPV technology. Otherwise known as Organic Photovoltaic, the OPV are considered as third-generation PV cells that utilize their organic composite polymer layer to transform light into zero-carbon electricity.

Orion LED lamp_2

This incredible foldable film can be tactfully rolled up inside the lamp cage with the help of a thumb-wheel switch (much like a measuring tape). Furthermore, the integral power-generating unit is bolstered by a sturdy, shock-resistant cage that comes with three separate handles for improved grip.

In other words, the solar-powered Orion LED lamp is tailored to flexibility of usage – whether you keep it suspended along tree branches like a lantern, or use it as a dedicated table lamp inside your tent. And in ‘light’ of all these robust features, it comes as no surprise that the design was showcased as a part of the Survival collection in this year’s Salone Del Mobile, held in April.

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Source: LeEcoledeDesign

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