MEOWSES: Affable cat-houses for your furry little party animal

MEOWSES - Awesome Cat Houses by Smokey the Cat_1

Our tryst with cat  dwellings isn’t over by a long shot – as is evident with our latest infatuation with these adorable cat-house designs from ‘Smokey the Cat’ studio. Fittingly named as the MEOWSES, the affable design line comprises of two models – the Catnip Dispensary, and the Milk Bar.

Of course, cuteness alone doesn’t win the day; the corresponding designs also have to have their craftsmanship values. To that end, the MEOWSES are crafted from eco-friendly corrugate materials that showcase structural stability as well as light weight credentials. In other words, you can safely place them anywhere inside your house, ranging from the mantelpiece to the table corner.

And finally, since we are talking about our furry feline friends here – there has to be a dainty, adorable quotient to the whole design scope. Regarding that, the MEOWSES do not fail, with the Catnip Dispensary giving your cat the much needed rest time (after the entire day of playing); while the Milk Bar poses as a ‘feline pub’ where the pet can hang out and party.

So, if you are sufficiently enticed by these groovy cat-houses, do check the ongoing Kickstarter campaign, with starting retail price of $30 (early bird specials are lower at $25).

MEOWSES - Awesome Cat Houses by Smokey the Cat_3

MEOWSES - Awesome Cat Houses by Smokey the Cat_4

MEOWSES - Awesome Cat Houses by Smokey the Cat_5

MEOWSES - Awesome Cat Houses by Smokey the Cat_6

Dimensions – 12.5″ x 15″ x 19″

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