MIT designers create the Transform – An interactive table with shape-shifting ability

Shapeshifting Table_1

The very ambit of ‘design transformation’ has certainly hit the right chord with MIT researchers and engineers. We have previously seen it in the case of the advanced CityHome, an automated apartment space. And now the wondrous scope of shape-shifting is showcased by the aptly named ‘Transform’, a progressive table design from MIT with its unique interactive power.

The ‘piece de resistance’ of the Transform table is its arrangement of three dynamic shape displays comprising of more than a thousand pins. These moving pins have the ability to sense the kinetic energy from an external body. For example, if you move your hand above the objects, they will react automatically with various kinds of rippling motions. These motional patterns replicate natural elements like wind, water and sand – thus fulfilling the symbolic quotient of the ‘antithesis’ between machine and nature.

Of course beyond intangible symbolism, it is the commercial application of this fascinating technology that might entice the regular consumer. To that end – Hiroshi Ishii, who is among the head designers of the Transform table project, looks forth to a practical future where such interactive features are incorporated as integral features of home-based designs. In his interview with Business Insider, the researcher proclaimed –

We are thinking of a few ideas for commercial products, but it takes many years, so we focus on concepts. We invented Transform to convey machine beauty in dynamic motions, to make people think differently, stimulate people to think outside of the box.

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Via: BusinessInsider

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