Modern TeaGlass by KihoSuh for that perfect cup of tea

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Brewing tea is an art in itself. From looking, touching and smelling to hearing and tasting, one has to experience all the five bodily senses when brewing tea to come up with the perfect cup that is both refreshing and rejuvenating. Sadly, even a small misstep in any of the areas would lead to a not so pleasant tea-drinking experience.

That is where the TeaGlass steps in to help. This rather innovative tea maker owes its design to KihoSuh from the US. The TeaGlass has been created with the sole purpose of allowing people to not only enjoy tea, but making it as well.

The Main Components:

The TeaGlass is shaped just like an hourglass; taking its design inspiration from the latter and its significance on time (the secret element for the perfect cup of tea). The main components of the TeaGlass are water, leaves and time. While you may argue that time does not relate to any of the above-mentioned senses in particular, the truth is that your brain perceives it as an invisible sense that helps govern your actions.

Making Tea with the TeaGlass:

The intuitive TeaGlass tea maker helps you prepare tea within minutes and with minimum effort. Simply remove either cup on the maker and pour some hot water into it. Add some tea leaves to the water and close the cup.
Depending on the tealeaves you used, it would take some time for the tea to brew. Set the time by rotating the tab on the TeaGlass. This would in turn rotate an adjustment inside the tea maker, setting the duration for which the liquid would need to flow into the cup below.

Once the time is set, simply flip the TeaGlass upside down and set it on the table. Now wait until the leaves soak in the hot water nicely and drip into the bottom cup (akin to sand moving from the top to bottom compartment in an hourglass).

You know your tea is ready to be served, once the upper cup is empty and the one at the bottom has collected all the liquid. All you need to do now is remove the cup with the tea in it, add some sugar and enjoy a nice hot cup of perfectly brewed tea.

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