Modular chair made from cardboard poses as a multi-purpose furniture

Log Effect Design Chair

Log Effect Design Chair

Furniture designs replicating natural components is not necessarily a new fad when it comes to the ever thriving realm of home decor. However, when this replication is done with a certain degree of adroitness and simplicity, it really enhances the visual quality of the furniture. In this regard, the log mimicking Cardboard Design Chair does entice us. And, it is not just because of its obvious tree bark like appearance, but also has to do with the relative multi-functional nature of the product.

Visually, the chair does allude to those worn out, structural logs we come across by the piers of the docks. This effect is achieved by the usage of recyclable corrugated cardboard panels, which covers the external facades of the furniture. But, beyond the innovative ‘naturalistic’ look, it is the ambit of functionality that really tickles our fancy.

For starters, the bantam 30 x 30 x 34 (inches) furniture can pose as your designer chair as well as your portable stool (an even as an ottoman for the more adventurous among us). The compact structural bearing means that in spite of its smallish form, the sturdy chair can support weights of up to a whopping 31 stone (or 200 kgs). And, finally the designers tout that the chair can be assembled at the user’s convenience, which means that the conception is both flexible and modular in its scope.

Price: £28.00 (around $45).

Via: CultureLabel

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