Mug Muscles might keep you fit while you are chugging your beer!

Forearm Workout Mug_1

Since eternity, men have been surely trying to find the holy grail-esque answer to – ‘how to stay fit while drinking my favorite beer?’ Well, as it turns out, some guys from Alabama have the solution to your beer-chugging-and-getting-fatter predicament in the form of the above pictured Mug Muscles!

The incredible mug allows you to have your special forearm workout while sipping a cold one. This is possible with the spring loaded contraption that is aptly connected to the handle, thus making the contrivance the world’s very first beer mug to have a built-in grip exerciser (no questions about that!).

The bantam piece of brilliance also boasts of a substantial 20 oz capacity which doesn’t really sacrifice on your beer intake at a single go. So, if you are really interested in the long lost art of sipping and ripping, do give a gander at the Amazon link.

Price – $20.


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