The colorful Vertical Village collection of seats mimic building-shaped forms

Vertical Village in Milan_1

A vibrant decor piece can also come in handy as a functional furniture piece – this design dictum is aptly proven by the collection of colorful foam seats conceived by Dutch architectural studio MVRDV. The unique factor about this vivacious collection is that the seats were not originally envisioned as furniture items. Rather these house-shaped forms were designed as a part of the studio’s Vertical Village research, which entailed a project of sustainable apartment blocks in East Asia.

The entire series comprises of 26 different building shapes, with names like The Barn, The Factory, The Depot, The Terrace House and the above pictured Twin House. These objects also have their variant hues, thus resulting in a motley of different colors complementing the architectural form factors.

In terms of materials, the Vertical Village collection is made from foam rubber with a polyurethane coating. This certainly hints at improved comfort for the user; at least more than what the solidity of the cushion-like objects suggests. And moreover, the usage of rubber presumably results in lighter weight of the seats, thus making them portable within the scope of your home compound, be it in the living room or the backyard.

Vertical Village in Milan_8 Vertical Village in Milan_7 Vertical Village in Milan_6 Vertical Village in Milan_5 Vertical Village in Milan_4 Vertical Village in Milan_3 Vertical Village in Milan_2

The collection is currently showcased at the Salone del Mobile in Milan (up till 13th April), and is also available for purchase from its product page.

Via: ArchDaily

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