Nikkor alarm clock lens wakes you up with Nikon D4 shutter sound

Time and again designers have inspired us with unique alarm clock designs and their overall functionality. This game seems never ending affair as now we witness this fully-functional alarm clock lens, which is designed and manufactured by Nikkon itself.

Nikkor alarm clock lens_1

To own this alarm clock lens one has to be a citizen of Japan. Ahhh that doesn’t sound that good :). Anyways, this awesome alarm clock is modeled after a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and makes sound of the Nikon’s D4 shutter to wake you up. To switch it off simply flip the lens from AF to MF switch.

Nikkor alarm clock lens_2

Being a Japanese citizen incase you make your mind to own it, than you need to note that this alarm clock lens is part of a giveaway to anybody by Nikon Japan for those who can prove that they have purchased any number of Nikkor lenses.

Nikkor alarm clock lens_3

Via: Petapixel / Nikonrumors

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