One-of-its-kind furniture ‘Slashed’ in halves to create an ottoman and sofa

Slashed Sofa by Charlotte Kingsnorth_1

Charlotte Kingsnorth, a contemporary furniture and product designer based in London, has come up with unique furniture dubbed “Slashed”, which includes a sofa and ottoman to rest the users in comfort. As the name suggests, the furniture pieces seems as if they were split open or sliced with a knife to present a unique design.

Charlotte’s expression of the slashed range depicts the inside of the hidden layers with the slash of the knife, unveiling a new creation that will serve as a sofa and an ottoman. There is absolutely no compromise on the comfort though.

The slashed center of the ottoman can accommodate a magazine or two. If observed from artist’s perception, the piece of furniture appears to have been a cylindrical tube placed horizontally on the ground. Mounted on a stainless steel stand and held by belts, Slashed seems to lie on the floor patiently until the butcher appeared and slashed it vertically and horizontally.

The form of the slashed is ripped open to create the shape of a beautiful non-conventional sofa. While the foam ottoman stand in the vicinity on its shiny stainless steel legs. The butcher left his mark on the ottoman too, slashing it right at the center. Hence, as per the imaginary legend, the slashed sofa and the ottoman came into being.

With modern and trendy design, the sofa and the ottoman will definitely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or office. Watch your guests raise their eyebrows in approval of the art.

Slashed Sofa by Charlotte Kingsnorth_2 Slashed Sofa by Charlotte Kingsnorth_3 Slashed Sofa by Charlotte Kingsnorth_4 Slashed Sofa by Charlotte Kingsnorth_5 Slashed Sofa by Charlotte Kingsnorth_6

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