PantryChic: The precise dispenser that might just make measuring cups obsolete

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The very realm of baking alludes to the ‘decisive’ preparation of a food item that in itself entails the correct amount of individual ingredients. In other words, it is a form of precision cooking that might sometimes get out of hand by our clumsy human standards.

So, what is the solution┬áto this predicament? Why of course, invite a machine to do the job! Fortunately, the PantryChic fulfills this measuring quotient, with its nifty ability to automatically churn out the precise quantities of ingredients needed for a baking project. In other words – goodbye measuring cups.

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The specific scope of the PantryChic is based on a dual system comprising of both storage components and a dispenser. The storage units are formed by stacked airtight canisters, each of which is embedded with a RFID chip for ‘smartly’ stockpiling a pre-programmed ingredient.

This stored ingredient can be accessed with the aid of an integrated digital scale that has the capability to gauge five different units of measurements. Finally, after setting your preferred quantity on the scale via unobtrusive buttons, the machine automatically dispenses the content into a regular bowl in all its glorious precision.

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Interestingly, the convenience of the PantryChic is not just limited to its ambit of correct measuring. Potentially, there is also a usability factor to the whole scope, as the bakers can properly store their ingredients with over 50 pre-programmed options.

The cleaning issue is also solved to a great extent with the ingredient being precisely dispensed in a single container (as opposed to the paraphernalia of measuring cups and bowls).

And furthermore, the designers are looking forth to incorporate Bluetooth connectivity in the PantryChic devices – which would allow us to control the dispensing gizmo with our mobile devices, along with the advantage of accessing apps for ‘walk-through’ recipes.

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Lastly coming to the commercial side of affairs, the PantryChic has just started out its Kickstarter journey with a set goal of $50,000 (and over $14,000 already pledged in the second day itself). The pricing starts from $200 for the early birds.

Elena Mikhaylova

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