Peel your potatoes ‘rapidly’ with a brush, a power drill and water!

Previously, we had harped about opening cans with bare hands and we had prattled about cleaning our toilet with coke. And now we have come across yet another handy shortcut that entails effectively peeling a sack of potatoes without any fuss (and boredom) – courtesy of Leo Morten Lund hailing from Denmark.

The assortment of odd tools needed for the ‘quick fix’ procedure includes – a power drill with a metallic extension, a brand new brush with rigid bristles, a hose with steady water supply, and of course a container/bucket to keep the potatoes in. Before starting out, attach the brush to the end of the drill extension, or better yet salvage a dedicated drill brush attachment.

All you need to do is deposit the potatoes (from the sack) into the container, and then simultaneously start the water hose and activate the drill. As a result, water starts filling the container, while the metallic attachment with the brush (connected to the drill) starts rotating vigorously inside the container. This rapid swirling action of water causes the potatoes to lose their dreaded peels, and voila – after around 40-50 seconds, they are transformed into clean and shiny spuds!

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